January 8, 2011

No internet

As mentioned before in previous posts, I had cancelled our Rogers internet and replaced it with Teksavvy. However, the activation process takes 10business day = 2 weeks of no internet access. No BlackOps! AHHH

...watched Paranormal Activity tonight. Quite intense. I know, lame posts, I'll see how the posting goes during this time without internet, might have to Starbucks or Ryerson wi-fi.

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Kevin Yeung

January 7, 2011

Asian Persuasion

Went for dim sum with the grand parents for lunch today, it is always nice to spend time with them. The food was average, I've had better. After dropped by Japan Town since its opened from its holiday and then to Chapters by myself. Read up on some investment and business magazines, felt smarter. Bummed around Pacific Mall until it was time to pick my dad up from work. But no P-Mall trip is complete without some bubble tea.

(Bubble tea, taken with iPhone)

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Kevin Yeung

January 6, 2011

Dealing with robbers, I mean Rogers Inc.

Having to deal with cancelling the "high-speed" internet from Rogers tonight, which caused me to miss Big Bang Theory. The time spent on hold and confirming information was outrageous. Now I will be stuck with no internet until I get the new internet sorted out. Will probably approach Tekksavvy for their internet with 200gb cap unlike Rogers tiny 60gb that my sister abuses more than myself.

Thinking if I should sign up for the RAC this semester, its the most affordable choice, although I only have 2 and half days of classes, and its somewhat far from home. OK time to wait until 11pm for the re-run of Big Bang Theory since I can't stream it.

On a side note, last night was a nightmare for Canadian Hockey. Total disbelief, I had checked the score seeing it was 3-0, I assumed we would win comfortably. However, after watching the highlights I was just shocked and awed by the Russian comeback.

(Here's my latest puzzle completed)

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Kevin Yeung

January 5, 2011

Cartoon card from afar

So I got a letter today in the mail from my little cousin which was all decorated with stickers in this Tweety bird postcard style card. Bad spelling and grammar but here's what I think was written:

Dear Kevin,
What date are you graduate? I need to buy airfare ticket now. Is it ok if I come on June 9? Can you buy me some candies when I see you, Thank you!
Love Heather Yeung, 2010

Damn you Ryerson! They still have yet to post their convocation schedule up, just June 8th-15th. Let's hope the business program isn't on the 8th or 9th of June. Also cleared up my academics with the curriculum advisor today after one of my substitute courses were not included in my graduation application.

Here she is this summer playing with Photo Booth.

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Kevin Yeung

January 4, 2011

Phos and Footy

(Photo Cred: www.manutd.com)

Another comfortable win for Manchester United and sole position at the top of the league table. That boy Hernandez is really special so far, it's almost similar to Munez in the Goal movies. Great instinctive finish with the back heel on the first goal and a nice powerful strike by Nani for the match winner.

Had phos for lunch with the mother and headed to J-Town only to find out they're still closed for the holidays until Friday :( so I could not get my Hi-Chew candies. So I decided to drop my international sport marketing course and kept my managing innovations course with an unknown prof, but I guess she can't be as terrible as F Pardo. The job search is underway at the moment, it's kind of overwhelming, but I need some income. Will also need to further research about the TEOS certification courses, and that I might be able to be a tutor here for prior experience...I'll see.

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Kevin Yeung

January 3, 2011

Salad King, RIP?

(Photo Cred: Citynews.ca)
So it might be official now, after this huge blaze, that I will not be able to eat at Salad King as a student anymore. It sucks, cause for its downtown location, its price and quality of food was excellent. It has been closed since last April after its wall collapse, and has been blocked off since.

So I think I finally got my family out of Rogers hideous internet with its absurd bandwidth cap. I officially applied for a new ISP with
Acanac with its unlimited internet at the same speed as our Rogers, while being cheaper too. So Im going to try that for a year, and see how it goes. If you're interested, please tell them you were referred by Kevin Yeung. 
Salad King, you will be missed in the downtown core. I for one will miss it.  **edit: It appears that there is a new Salad King to be opened on Yonge St. It is to be located above Foot Locker. Interesting.

(Photo Cred: Citynews.ca)
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Kevin Yeung

January 2, 2011

Toronto Exploring

So I finally got to explore around the distillery district in Toronto. It was freaking cold even with my beloved Goose. There was so much culture and arts all in that small space and it was unfortunate to miss the lighting of the giant christmas tree. But I guess it is my final good-bye to Christmas 2010 and looking forward to going home next Christmas!

I thought the tree would look so much more amazing, but then again, Christmas is over, I guess the people working there were still on holiday. Also watched The Fockers tonight, t'was hilarious!

Happy work week everyone! Classes commences in a week's time for myself.

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Kevin Yeung