January 29, 2011

This Can't be Happening

Fuck you CRTC and Bell and Rogers and every fucked up politician and lobbyist who is a part of this scam against us, Canadians. It's unfortunate for Canadians to be living in such a "FREE" nation where there happens to be a bit TOO MUCH regulations on daily life in the 21st century. It's a total shame that large scumbag corporations like Bell are more powerful than any political group or citizens. I feel ashamed to be living in Canada and I can not wait to move the fuck out of this sad sad country.

On a brighter note, United are through to the fifth round of FA Cup despite another disappointing performance :)

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Kevin Yeung

January 28, 2011

Might just be obsessing

I think I might just be obsessed with Japanese Town here in Toronto. Tried another dish today, rice bowl with salmon, tuna, yellow-tail sashimi. The rice tasted pretty good, the miso soup too. Its still small compare to the one in SF but this will do for now. I might even purchase a sushi/sashimi tray for Wednesday's Chinese New Year dinner with the relatives.

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Kevin Yeung

January 27, 2011

Who Inspires Me

Today was an extremely long and tiring day like all Thursday are for me this term. Have all my groups all settled, it seems okay so far...so far. But with graduation soon upon us, I realized something I might be genuinely interested in doing, and to help me get my feet off the ground, I would like to look for a travel-school if that exists. Somewhere in Asia or America where they teach you about travelling and getting experience for a job in that field. Hmmm...

Don't really know what to write, but I feel like re-posting something I had from my old blog of who inspires me the most. So here it goes:

"Growing up as a kid, being a first generation raised in Toronto by a middle-class Chinese family, nothing came easy. I remember receiving hand me down clothes and toys from my older cousins. Even today when I'm 21(22 now), I still remember not having time to spend with my dad as much as I would've liked, maybe a few Sundays every year whenever he was not away from home. It hurts me today because I realize at that time I would resent him for working so much instead of being with his family. For all my life that I remember, my dad would have at least one full time job and two part time jobs since my mom was a stay at home mom. 
          Over the years from high school, he would continually annoy me, "the asian way", he keeps repeating the same thing to me.  "You need to do good in school to get a good job, to make lots of money and provide for your family when you're older. You don't want to be like me who has to work hard physically and work a lot of overtime". Yes I know he's only looking out for me.
          Even today, I am still not 100 percent certain on what my career will be and where it will take me. Whether I'd make a bit over the average income or become a millionaire or even broke poor. And even if I had to turn down a higher paying job that is away from my family to take a lesser paying job closer to home, I would do it in a heartbeat. Because even when I was younger when I asked for something ever so rarely, my dad would do his best to get it for me. A new pair of shoes, a computer game, or even breakfast together at Mcdonalds. And I would tell him "even when I ask you to buy me something, you always find a way to make me happy by getting it or a substitute; And even though you're not the wealthiest person I know, you're one of the most hard-working person I know." 
          And I hope to keep that with me the rest of my life. And to be forever grateful for my dad despite his constant nagging, because really, despite annoying it can get, its only cause dads want the best for their son."

So Thank You dad.

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Kevin Yeung

January 26, 2011

Internet at last

Yup, woke up today, turned on the router and modem, and the lights stayed on, and I had internet again!!

Failed at buying a pair of moccasins today, bought it in the afternoon, returned them after dinner. In between got to spend some time with the homie for some sushi. Busy day tomorrow, readings and quiz for tomorrow....sigh. Nothing really much to say....

Oh yeah, so the other night, my little cousin finally got her dad to help them set up their iTouch and they Facetimed me...it was awesome, although with their shaky hands and moving around, it got dizzy.

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Kevin Yeung

January 25, 2011

This is what Champions are made of

Shocked with the 2-0 scoreline at half-time, it's true the team didn't play too well defending corners. But with this team, there is always the belief and skill to turnaround every game. Once the first goal went in, I just had that feeling. The feeling of witnessing another great Manchester United comeback. 

The result totally lifted my spirits up after a long stressful morning running late to the business meeting with my group members. Now time to prepare for the service quiz on Thursday and BUS800 discussion work...

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Kevin Yeung

January 24, 2011

Loafting Monday

Finally got a hair cut today, had phos, salmon rolls, spent some time with the grandparents, and did some school work, and finally caught up with all the shows on Monday nights. Watched Social Network, Easy A, and Takers again last night.

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Kevin Yeung

January 23, 2011

So damn cold

One word to describe today:

T'was hovering around -20degrees celcius.. I could feel the cold in the car during the drive thru mission, the walking from the car to the mall while underground. It was cold, really cold.

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Kevin Yeung