March 5, 2011

Thinking to myself.

Had lunch with the relatives today, it was nice of them to invite me since I'm living on my own pretty much this week. Oooh, my aunt offer to pay some of my future SLR camera, along with my sister woohoo! Going to be meeting up with my BUS800 group tomorrow morning, AFTER the Liverpool - Manchester United game of course... please no more bribed ref!!

Time is going by fast! less than 2 months until HK with the cousin, should be awesome, as long as he doesn't spend too much time with his studying, while I'll be carefree and done with my studies. Things are looking up these days, I'm becoming less stressful with school. Feels good. Need to find time and go grocery shop tomorrow I hope.

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Kevin Yeung

March 4, 2011

My submission for CX 80days of Travel

Here's my submission... very raw and silly. Had fun making it though!

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Kevin Yeung

March 3, 2011

Video submitted!

Even after a super long day of classes, I had enough energy to create a video... got a bit lazy at the end with the cuts and editing, but it looks better than what other people have so far :) the video isn't uploaded onto the site yet, hmmm... it did say it was uploaded, so I hope it gets through before the deadline... What if... What if I won... the possibilities are endless :)

Doing the auto-tune did bring back memories of an entrepreneurship class I did. Good times.

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Kevin Yeung

March 2, 2011

Travel the world in 80days

With Cathay Pacific's recent contest ending March 6, I began brainstorming ideas for it. Now I have 3 days to have it filmed, edited, and submitted before the deadline!! Would be totally awesome if I even get shortlisted (free trip to HK) or even win it hehe.

Leafs just won in overtime after losing their last two games in extra time. Not too highly on their chances of making the playoffs, but its a start.

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Kevin Yeung

March 1, 2011


I don't think I have ever been so angry with a footy match, other than last year matches vs Chelsea. Why is it that whenever Manchester United faces Chelsea in an important match (not Community Shield) that we somehow have a majority of the calls against us, which ultimately results in an unsatisfying loss. Today was a disappointment, really. The referee today makes English referees a huge joke.

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Kevin Yeung

February 28, 2011

Teaching myself

to use Adobe CS5 Master Collection programs... Was experimenting with Dreamweaver last night, but I'm trying to refresh my memory and skills with InDesign. I also want to master the Flash Creator... 

Classes commence again tomorrow... 2 more months til HK, need to pick up a DSLR camera by then, potentially the Canon Rebel or Sony NEX-3/5.

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Kevin Yeung

February 27, 2011


I love challenges. I embrace challenge head on. Which is why I want to find a job where I am challenged frequently while being rewarded. Something out of the ordinary instead of the daily grinds of repetitive duties. Challenge me, please. 

Will need to start this business venture soon, first part, domain registration, luckily its available... Just need to find the time commitment for this, luckily it may coincide with my service re-design project for services marketing.