March 26, 2011

The lure of HK

Well, I went to research a bit more on the Canon T3i today at Henry's. The lady was nice enough to show me around it and play with it. The price, $999 + tax in Canada. However, I just looked it up online for prices in HK and its around 7200HKD so thats like under $900CAD flat with no tax.

Now I just have to contain myself from buying it now, and wait til I get there...

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Kevin Yeung

March 25, 2011

iPad 2!

Today's mission failed miserably... wanted to go to Henry's camera shop in Markham, but when I got there, the sign was there and all, but when I looked through the windows, there was absolutely nothing... rubbish. I think it was still under construction too. Hey, at least I got some sushi for my troubles :) 

So Jessica has the ipad 2 ordered online, says it will arrive April 22nd... what a shame, one month later... Was at Best Buy today and it was a pretty short line at 4:30, but I had no more credit limit on my card, so whatever.

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Kevin Yeung

March 24, 2011

Like you're nothing, you are perfect, to someone else.

Stress... relieve it from me please!

Okay, one project done, another one starting....

I feel like making another webpage for one of my interest. That should roll out either before I head to Asia or when I come back...

Time to get that dSLR camera before or during my trip...contemplating if I should get it here, but there's tax, and there, its better currency exchange and no tax... I just want to play with it first!!! 

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Kevin Yeung

March 23, 2011

More cramming..

Despite cutting it late again got the first of 4 projects done for tomorrow. Time to be exhausted again tomorrow for Thursday class. Midterm tomorrow too, been trying and trying to study today but I kept getting distracted with airways and youtube...hence why I can't be productive with internet...

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Kevin Yeung

March 22, 2011

I'll do it tomorrow...

Home stretch........ need to review for my services marketing midterm on Thursday. I'll do it tomorrow...

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Kevin Yeung

March 21, 2011

Southeast Asia?

So my dad decides to show me all these tour agencies from Hong Kong on group tours that go to Malaysia, Singapore, S. Korea, Japan etc., he says its cheaper than going there myself. The Malaysia/Singapore 6day tour interests me at the moment, as well as the 5day S. Korea one too. The thing that keeps causing me to not want to join such tours with Asian tour agencies because of their itineraries (most featuring stops at local businesses trying to hard-sell useless products that take up to an hour to lower costs). Last time I went on a tour to Taipei with the family, everyday we were brought to one of these places, and I was bored out of my mind. And the state of the cheaper hotel package was just unforgettable rubbish.

The Malaysia/Singapore tour interests me most, cause I think it will interest my cousin as well. He's going to HK with me but he has this huge finance exam in June he's studying for, so even though we're "vacationing" he still wants to study. And this combination of countries feature more fun stuff like resorts and theme parks and casinos. Whereas the Korean one is more about culture and historical things and food. Really tempting for me, but I don't think he'll like it much. 

Need to research bit more once April 7th passes... got major group project that's due on Thursday, a midterm on the Thursday as well... then 2 more group projects due on April 7th before I have to hand in my take home exam thats due before April 20th. Then I will officially be done with assignments and my marketing degree!!!!!!!

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Kevin Yeung

March 20, 2011

Help me out!!!!

Help me out with the survey for my services marketing class!! Thanks!! Click the link below!!

Survey Link

It's about Megabus and Coach bus transportations. Thanks again!!!!!