April 2, 2011


I couldn't wake up this morning for the early kick-off, but lying in bed and checking my phone with the score app, I saw the result 4-2, and thought hmm, must have been a comfortable game. Until I inspected further, it was another 2-0 come from behind victory. How awesome! Wayne Rooney is a beast, hope he doesn't get injured again.

Got the confirmation email from Future Shop, so I can go pick it up tomorrow when I'm at the library. Picked up my contacts from FMP and now I need to read the Netflix case before my meeting tomorrow.

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Kevin Yeung

April 1, 2011


Just placed my order on Futureshop for the Canon T3i. Saw their promotion of $100 off when spending over $1000 so the camera was $999, luckily I found a battery for like $1.99 that I have no use for, other than to get the $100 discount, or else it would have only been $50 off for spending $500-$999 I think. Sweet deal, so I guess I couldn't wait til HK to buy it, pretty sweet deal, came out to be $1015 including tax and a 16gb memory card. Now let's hope I can pick it up on Sunday!!!

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Kevin Yeung

March 31, 2011


Exhausted, been at school for group meetings and a 2hr presentation filled class. My sister got her iPad2, damn. Good night.

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Kevin Yeung

March 30, 2011

Excitement is building

More group meetings tomorrow. How I love school and can't wait for it to be finally over.
Four more weeks until the flight to HK, still have yet to think of what to pack and where to go.

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Kevin Yeung

March 29, 2011

Lazy Tuesday

I tried being productive after having lunch with Gwen and her boyfriend, but even though I got side tracked with the iPad2, I made my way to the library... Unfortunately there was no table with an outlet for me after walking around for a few laps. So I had to go home and study, and get further sidetracked on MSN lol I barely even use that these days but some ass was online so we chatted. 
Tomorrow is the meeting with the prof regarding our marketing plan for JVS Wellesley...Hope he doesn't fail us, I need to graduate!

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Kevin Yeung

March 28, 2011


Something just came up at like 3am last night... I was curious so I signed up. Let's just leave it to that.

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Kevin Yeung

March 27, 2011

Sunday is family day

Had Shanghai food for lunch before trekking around town looking for a printer to replace our old shabby HP one. Luckily after Markville then to Richmond Hill Best Buy, there was ONE left! It was on sale, from $150 to $99 so quickly snatched it up.

Also picked up my new pair of glasses from first markham place 8) Armani... mmm.

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Kevin Yeung