January 15, 2011

Tron and Shopping?

What is Tron Legacy? I know I have heard about it from somewhere when I was a kid, but don't really remember. Seen the movie tonight, kinda late, but not much people so t'was good. Got to spend some time with the home girl, and helped her cooked up some crazy meal. Yup, tired. United-Spurs game tomorrow, I hope I can watch it before helping the sister out for her shopping spree.

Always like a free 3D movie. Even though it wasn't much 3D. Thank you Scene Points.

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Kevin Yeung

January 14, 2011


Can't believe I spent an amount of time looking up Jenny Suk last night, who's voice is amazingly good as her looks. And ofcourse, she's Korean. And I ended up craving korean....food for the rest of the night, so I went for lunch today. 

Went to the awesome shop, Ga Bin Restaurant, at SilverStar Blvd and Steeles in Toronto. I love their food, service, and their gam ja tang (pork bone soup) special for $5.99 with a can of Coca Cola. I feel like Im beginning to become influence with the Korean culture even more, and getting ready to venture out there after graduation!

Deliciously filling pork bone soup. YUM

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Kevin Yeung

January 13, 2011

Dreadful Thursdays

Made it through my first Thursday of the semester. Quite content with the classes so far. Long weekend, time to re-screw my sleep pattern. Keeping this short, especially compared to the super long walk to Eric Palin Hall from the business building, sigh.

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Kevin Yeung

January 12, 2011

Chinese Dim Sum

Out for lunch with the grandparents right now having dim sum. Nothing good here so far, as I didn't really want to come to this place but it was the grandpa's suggestion.

Other note, huge snowstorm last night, the streets are filled with snow, so lucky don't have to commute today in this weather. Tomorrow is another school day, hopefully no delays.

PS whole post typed up on the trusty iPhone.

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Kevin Yeung

January 11, 2011

First 8am Class

I did pretty well waking up early and getting to class on time. Let's hope for the same on Thursday.

Trying to sell psychology textbook but so complicated in setting up an actual meeting with the interested buyers. Keep my posts short these days as I bum in the library waiting if I get a reply or not.

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Kevin Yeung

January 10, 2011

Android Internet

With Rogers cancelling our service before it was supposed to (they said 30days) but thanks to the sister for getting an HTC Android phone with unlimited data and now its set up for tethering. It's speed isn't beast but it does for minor surfing. School tomorrow at 8am, I think I can wake up for it.

Yep, nothing special or fast, but can't complain under these circumstances.

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Kevin Yeung

January 9, 2011

Sushi All Day, Everyday.

So I went to Watami Sushi again, last time being for my birthday, we ordered the same thing but something weird happen. We didn't get the same sushi, instead we got quite a few different ones that I don't like really much. But the good thing is their $1 special for 10pcs of salmon sashimi when you spend over $50.

The first picture shows the order the first time, and the second picture shows what we got tonight.

P.S also dropped my Monday night class and added a Thursday class, so a very packed Thursday indeed.

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Kevin Yeung