February 12, 2011

Woke up at 9, and it was all worth it.

What an incredible match winner by none other than Wayne Rooney. Despite being utter useless most of the season, he can still produce those moments of magic. Well deserved win.

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Kevin Yeung

February 11, 2011

Fiesta Chicken

So I found this Fiesta chicken recipe and it looked good, and had all thumbs up, no thumbs down, so I thought, hey I should try this...went to the supermarket picked up salsa sauce and rigatoni pasta and chicken breasts. Since the website didnt provide much detail, I basically did everything out of estimates but the tastes was still pretty awesome.

check out the website picture and then my finished product... mine just lacked the veggies, but who needs veggies anyway right? I think I can keep this up, total cost of this dinner was only $10 and less than 30minutes! Awesome!

Also bought tickets for the LA Clippers and Raptors game on Sunday, only 54$! Can't wait to see Blake Griffin in action!

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Kevin Yeung

February 10, 2011


I don't know why I always struggle to keep awake on Thursdays but Im really tired right now. Just bumming around the computer lab at school until dinner time for winterlicious. Finished group project yesterday, and then just one midterm next week and then its reading week!

Potentially getting tickets to see the Raptors vs Clippers game on Sunday. Blake Griffin is the only reason why I want to go watch, cause he's amazing, and Raptors...well they aren't.

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Kevin Yeung

February 9, 2011


MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE any moment now....
Just finished writing up a report, downsized a 20pg bullshit filled paper into 10pgs of not too much bs paper. Why does these 4th year courses still make you do tiny assignments that take up so much time but not graded as high. It should just be one big project or one big project and an exam!

Long day tomorrow, SIGH!

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Kevin Yeung

February 8, 2011

I failed

Oh no... I failed at this... I completely forgot about this blog yesterday. Everything is becoming so busy, coming from left, right, centre. I just can't wait for reading week! (even though Im not going anywhere but have a court date to attend) 

But yeah, have two projects going on this week, an individual assignment I'm almost done writing up for BUS800. I am extremely tired again, but I need to finish writing my part for my services marketing course.

Signed up for Twitter at the suggestion of the Career centre at Ryerson, I'm still a bit confused and lost about it, but Im sure I will pick it up quickly! So follow me if you want, @kevinyeungca

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Kevin Yeung

February 6, 2011

It's all just a dream

Another Sunday session with the best friend, although it wasn't too productive on my end (my netbook's keyboard is failing), it was okay. Awesome result today considering the United lost yesterday, with Chelsea also losing. Dinner with family at a Chinese restaurant we went often when kids. Now, just catching up with Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Below is baby neice about nine months old now... so cute and chubby.

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Kevin Yeung