February 11, 2011

Fiesta Chicken

So I found this Fiesta chicken recipe and it looked good, and had all thumbs up, no thumbs down, so I thought, hey I should try this...went to the supermarket picked up salsa sauce and rigatoni pasta and chicken breasts. Since the website didnt provide much detail, I basically did everything out of estimates but the tastes was still pretty awesome.

check out the website picture and then my finished product... mine just lacked the veggies, but who needs veggies anyway right? I think I can keep this up, total cost of this dinner was only $10 and less than 30minutes! Awesome!

Also bought tickets for the LA Clippers and Raptors game on Sunday, only 54$! Can't wait to see Blake Griffin in action!

Sign out post number fourty two,
Kevin Yeung

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