April 16, 2011

ipad at last!!!

Spent some time with the relatives today... Went for brunch/lunch with them to Milestones, it was very filling and cheesy... Then onto Fairview where I reserved an iPad last night and got to pick it up today :D so awesome! I was side tracked from my assignment while trying to configure it and have my apps running. Went for dinner at the Malaysian place, again it was really yummy :D

Only down side was the rain and the crazy bitch mother who didn't know how to be a responsible parent. Bitch deserves what she gets in the future cause karma's a bitch.

My ipad on the left, the sister's on the right

It was a eggs benedict with shrimp and lots of bland potatoes
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April 15, 2011

more gifts?

Woke up to a graduation gift surprise from the grandma. She sure knows how to lift and keep my spirits up. I've worked hard these last 3 years after a rough start to university. Being faced with withdrawal from the program at one point but I pulled through. Remember, I went to school for my parents rather than myself to get a degree. But with the finish line in reach after this BUS800 project is completed, I'm finally going to accomplish it.

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April 14, 2011


I'm going to write something that has got me thinking recently: Would you agree that some of the most important things that need to be heard, are never said?

There are four parts to this: Knowing but holding back, Knowing and saying, In the dark and wondering, In the dark and finding out.

It's different with each situation in life, with each different person, but it all revolves around this. 
There are times when I had a crush on someone, I was so sure about it, but every time, I held back from telling...sure, I didn't want to complicate things or even take that leap of faith, but it fades.
However, when I do say something, I've had fallen on my ass before, and even had the good stuff along with it. This comes with full honesty, with no lies, just let it all out.

Alternatively, when Im wondering what the other person is thinking about, I sometimes would become frustrated, trying to pull it out of them, and just trying to over think the situation which leads to frustration.
But when I do find out, it tends to leave me more frustrated if its bad news, or at ease when its better.

But really? Is there any one right way to deal with wondering about someone else? Should you just spill all the beans, maybe some, or none at all.

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April 13, 2011

Netflix presentation

Rolled this up in 4 takes. Cracking up while filming Kirk's part. Good times.

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April 12, 2011

Long day, again.

A day that seemed so so so so so long added to the fact I barely had any sleep at night, maybe one hour of sleep, until I had to wake up for the meeting with JVS. It went well, and the whole course was actually a wonderful experience. 

Then waiting for the homies for lunch, kinda felt forever cause I was hungry, but we were intending to go to the Bier Market on the Esplanade for their oysters in Stella Artois creme sauce which was so awesome. But we decided to go to the spaghetti factory. It was okay, the meatball sucked, and it was still pricey for a small bowl of spaghetti.

Yes, I missed the footy game unfortunately because of rush hour traffic at 3pm. Like come on, why was there so much traffic everywhere, I avoided the DVP which was already filled by Eastern Ave, and took local streets where there were more traffic. But at least I watched the review on Footytube.com....Treble possibly? The last 2 teams to win the European cup have done it (Manchester United just missed out on the FA Cup in the 2008 season.

Also saw Source code tonight cause it was movie Tuesday. It was decent surprisingly, but the plot wasn't all too interesting. "What would you do if you knew you only had less than a minute to live?" "Make every second count!"

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Their placemat/menu

The spaghetti and spicy meat sauce

Inside the restaurant, pretty funky decor

April 11, 2011

Finally warmer weather is here and school is almost finished... I should really start on my final project sometime soon as it's due next Wednesday. Because if not, I will fail the course and ultimately unable to graduate, but I'm not going to let that happen ever. P.S finally got to take a nice picture of my awesomeness.

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April 10, 2011

NHL Playoffs selections.

So it was unfortunate that the Maple Leafs didn't qualify for the play-off, but it's still play-off hockey!
I haven't been following the NHL much lately over the past years, partly because of Toronto's losing ways, but I watched a couple of games this year. Nonetheless, here are my picks for the first round.

Western Conference
1. Vancouver vs 8. Chicago 
2. San Jose vs 7. LA 
3. Detroit vs 6. Phoenix
4. Anaheim vs 5. Nashville

Vancouver because they should be able to finally beat Chicago in the play-offs.
San Jose because they are more experienced than the Kings.
Phoenix because they are out for revenge, and Detroit are still questionable in goal.
Anaheim because of their forwards, Corey Perry.

Eastern Confernence
1. Washington vs 8. New York Rangers
2. Philadelphia vs 7. Buffalo
3. Boston vs 6. Montreal
4. Pittsburgh vs 5. Tampa Bay

Washington because they are built for play-off hockey this year defensively.
Buffalo because of Ryan Miller and Philly's lack of goaltending quality.
Boston because of Tim Thomas, best goaltender this year and have the upper hand with the mind games with Chara's dirty hit earlier.
Tampa Bay because of Pittsburgh's injuries to their star players Crosby and Malkin.

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