April 12, 2011

Long day, again.

A day that seemed so so so so so long added to the fact I barely had any sleep at night, maybe one hour of sleep, until I had to wake up for the meeting with JVS. It went well, and the whole course was actually a wonderful experience. 

Then waiting for the homies for lunch, kinda felt forever cause I was hungry, but we were intending to go to the Bier Market on the Esplanade for their oysters in Stella Artois creme sauce which was so awesome. But we decided to go to the spaghetti factory. It was okay, the meatball sucked, and it was still pricey for a small bowl of spaghetti.

Yes, I missed the footy game unfortunately because of rush hour traffic at 3pm. Like come on, why was there so much traffic everywhere, I avoided the DVP which was already filled by Eastern Ave, and took local streets where there were more traffic. But at least I watched the review on Footytube.com....Treble possibly? The last 2 teams to win the European cup have done it (Manchester United just missed out on the FA Cup in the 2008 season.

Also saw Source code tonight cause it was movie Tuesday. It was decent surprisingly, but the plot wasn't all too interesting. "What would you do if you knew you only had less than a minute to live?" "Make every second count!"

Sign out post number 103,
Kevin Yeung

Their placemat/menu

The spaghetti and spicy meat sauce

Inside the restaurant, pretty funky decor

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