April 10, 2011

NHL Playoffs selections.

So it was unfortunate that the Maple Leafs didn't qualify for the play-off, but it's still play-off hockey!
I haven't been following the NHL much lately over the past years, partly because of Toronto's losing ways, but I watched a couple of games this year. Nonetheless, here are my picks for the first round.

Western Conference
1. Vancouver vs 8. Chicago 
2. San Jose vs 7. LA 
3. Detroit vs 6. Phoenix
4. Anaheim vs 5. Nashville

Vancouver because they should be able to finally beat Chicago in the play-offs.
San Jose because they are more experienced than the Kings.
Phoenix because they are out for revenge, and Detroit are still questionable in goal.
Anaheim because of their forwards, Corey Perry.

Eastern Confernence
1. Washington vs 8. New York Rangers
2. Philadelphia vs 7. Buffalo
3. Boston vs 6. Montreal
4. Pittsburgh vs 5. Tampa Bay

Washington because they are built for play-off hockey this year defensively.
Buffalo because of Ryan Miller and Philly's lack of goaltending quality.
Boston because of Tim Thomas, best goaltender this year and have the upper hand with the mind games with Chara's dirty hit earlier.
Tampa Bay because of Pittsburgh's injuries to their star players Crosby and Malkin.

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Kevin Yeung

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