April 27, 2011

Flight to HK

It's 12pm and we're in the final hour of the flight. It's weird, the iPad says its 11:59pm but it's still on Toronto eastern standard time. Breakfast has just been given with the choice of congee or eggs, I chose the congee... The flight has been good, through a couple minor turbulene and I'm still alive. Watched Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Pt1, Blue Valentine, and now Dinner with Schmucks.... With a couple of modern family and big bang episodes and fruit ninja! So awesome and worth the $2.99 price. landing soon in HK need to drop off the luggage before heading to the hotel for the night.

April 24, 2011

T minus 1 day

OK. I think I'm all packed, minus all my technologies that will be done tomorrow night or Tuesday morning, but my clothes are packed. Spend some time tomorrow with friends and family, should be low-key, I'm also planning to wake up early cause I really want to sleep tomorrow night instead of staying up all night for the flight cause I'll end up being a zombie on the plane, and that'll suck if I can't sleep on it.. I have season four of the Big Bang Theory loaded up on the iPad in case the onboard entertainment from Air Canada sucks. 

Here are some of the pics from Saturday:

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Kevin Yeung