January 22, 2011


Happy birthday to my dear Grandpa for his 80th Birthday!

Dinner was average, dessert wasn't sweet at all, kinda disappointed really.

My grandpa and his Chinese birthday desert

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Kevin Yeung

January 21, 2011

Late Posting

Ahhhh... a little late posting. This however will not affect my commitment to this blog. I will still end up with 366 entries by the end of this year.

Researching up on Singapore, it really looks interesting.......

Tomorrow we're celebrating the Grandpa's birthday.

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Kevin Yeung

January 20, 2011

Post Grad Adventures?

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Europe- Mediterranean cruising or Asia- Singapore, HK, Shanghai.

Europe will be for max 2 weeks and will include Spain, France, and Italy, with a cruise from 5-8nights, whereas, Shanghai for a week, Singapore for 5days, and HK for 3weeks.

During May, where I will be back in Toronto for the cousins and convocation before heading back out to Europe or S. Korea for work in July/August. Still want to make room for a Vegas trip at the end of August too, hope there are not too many conflicts.

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Kevin Yeung

January 19, 2011

Thank You for the Broken Heart

Thank you for the broken heart, oh yeah
And thank you for the permanent scar, oh
'Cause if it wasn’t for you, I might forget
How it feels to let go, and how it feels to get a brand new start

So thank you for the broken heart

Bumped into this song while on Youtube after someone awesome had favourited it and it showed up on my homepage. Be sure to check it out! It is sung by J. Rice, and the name of the song is Thank You for the Broken Heart.

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Kevin Yeung

January 18, 2011

Blasted with Sushi

Feels nice to catch up with friends and today got to spend lunch with an awesome one. Yes, had our usual traditional japanese food but this time downtown by campus. Something different than our usual uptown and midtown adventures but decent nonetheless. But it was all you can eat this time, for lunch, and I was blasted with sushi and rolls like no tomorrow. I even had some edamame too.

Thanks for the well design and personalized card ;) almost as rocking as my video.

Also got a nice phonecall from the cousin last night, its almost their birthday, can't believe they're turning 5 and 8. She was so excited to have gotten an iPod Touch for her birthday but she's unwilling to share with her brother. Guess I should look for an iTunes card and mail it over with a couple of candies for them.

On another random note, why are they opening another Forever 21 in Eatons?

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Kevin Yeung

January 16, 2011

Shock and Disbelief

This situation is terrible and really uncalled for but I'm going to keep attempting to keep my sister's spirits high. I looked up on her and him, always wondering and curious as to how they were together for so damn long. I just had a conversation with my sister over a meal on Saturday talking about him and our plans to go shopping and lunch together today. But she found out and all hell broke loose. But I love my sister even through our sibling rivalry situations, she has been an important part of my life and one I can share my inner thoughts and actions with, away from our parents. Keep your head up sister.

Here we are with the cousins and grandma from 2008

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Kevin Yeung