June 18, 2011


"As we go on, we will remember, all the times we, had together." 
So on Thursday it was finally my convocation day. The ridiculous part, it being at 9:30am, no not that, the part where we have to be there at 7:30am. I slept through my alarm, so I was already running late to get out of my house, for only both the bus to stop at a bus stop and wait for nobody, just stopped there for minutes. So much for being an express bus. And once on the subway, more delays, from Finch all the way to Davisville or Summerhill or something. Yes, the TTC always find ways to irritate me. Ok so I finally made there a bit past 8, not bad. The ceremony was also running late, we were all waiting, and lining up to go into the theatre, but we had to first walk a lap around the quad lol I kinda felt bad for the girls who all had heels. 

The ceremony was nice and as always I was at the end, thanks a lot to my surname being Yeung, I am always last nearly all the time. I felt my heart beating as it was nearing my turn, I don't know why, maybe the fear of doing something stupid while crossing the stage, or just finally realizing I really am going to be finished with my bachelor's degree. Whatever it was, it didn't affect me as I strut on through to give thanks and claim my degree!

Reception was nice and seeing my family there was special too. This was my first convocation, I didn't go to my high school one, but I did go to my sister's graduation at York. It was great to see my parents, my sister, my grandparents, and even my uncle with my little cousins there, all to give me hugs and more words of encouragement and congratulations. Then the photo frenzy occurred, though it was unfortunate I couldn't have a picture with all the friends I have made while at Ryerson, but I got it with some.

I'll end this post with some photos (which I saved from my Facebook album and its not the original files cause it would have taken a long time to upload those 8mb file each) and a thank you to Ryerson University for a decent and all the great wonderful people I had the privilege to work and meet to make my experience a surprisingly good 5 years of my young life. 

Sister and Me
Parents and Sister
Grandparents and Me
My cousins and Me 
James and Me
Karen and Me 
Steph and Me

Anna and Me 
Amy and Me 
Team Awesome, helped made summer school worthwhile
Ivan and Me
Missed K Trinh