July 28, 2011

Random Field Trips...

We brought them to one of the rib-fests happening around the city, this was the one in Scarborough..We had brought them to the one at Thompson Park the previous year and they had a variety of midway rides, but this one did not. Their midway rides consisted of ONE slide. Yup. Oh yeah, it was also Canada Day.

Since the sister had work I brought them to Mcdonalds Play Place and Mini-golfing one day. It was scorching hot and again, they complained of the heat and sun. Something they clearly are still not used to coming from the cool breezy Bay area.

July 24, 2011

39 days have gone and passed.

How time really flies. Yes, I know I have not kept my blog commitment here: but 39days have passed since my little cousins were here. Their flight was yesterday morning and I received a nice phone call once they landed back in SFO. So here I am, working on this again, trying to document the adventures, struggles, and all the fun we shared together. I hope to have a new post each day this week for this.

I remember like it was last night, going to the airport to pick them up, delayed and all by Air Canada during their labour strike. From then on, we pretty much saw each other everyday, with some days in between left for me to sleep in. With the sister still having to work until the end of June, it was my will to entertain them in the meantime because after all, they came to Toronto early to attend my convocation with me.

Yeah, there aren't many pictures during June other than my convocation which I have already posted, but the first realistic field trip we took them was Whittmore Farm to play at the farm and do some strawberry picking! Enjoy.