April 9, 2011

100th post!

Milestone time! 100th daily post today, can't believe it, this year is already flying by! Here are some random shots today from the cemetery lol And the last one is some soup the family had for dinner tonight, it was pretty delicious.

April 8, 2011

Practise, practise

Day off, lunch at a Malaysian place, but I ended up getting Thai pineapple fried rice, it was actually pretty good. Then to just take photos with the T3i at the distillery district. Some really nice pictures I think, so here they are.

Sign out post number ninety nine,
Kevin Yeung

April 7, 2011

One down Two to go

Finished Service Marketing course today after presenting! Wooo, just a business meeting on Tuesday morning and a group meeting on Wednesday and a Thursday morning presentation then the semester is officially over for me!!!

Went to the cemetery today to visit the grandma's grave, its been like 10 years, time really goes by quick. Then met up with the cousins for Korean bbq. Uhg, I felt disgusted after eating so much meat, hope I don't get constipated later ew

Bought a book at Indigo today after class and got their plum rewards. I'm trying to get myself to read more novels to appear more smarter, hope it helps 8)

Sign out post number ninety eight,
Kevin Yeung

April 6, 2011

Almost there.

So finished two projects off today, one presentation tomorrow, the other one is next week. At least the prof cancelled tomorrow's 8am class :) Can sleep in again, so awesome. My brain and head is exhausted, so much work.

Just one more take home exam that's due on April 20th on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line then its HK, Korea, Singapore, then Graduation!!! Then, who knows......

Sign out post number ninety seven,
Kevin Yeung

April 5, 2011

Kina Grannis, Toronto

"So won't you be my honey bee, sweet kisses every time, be my be my...valentine." 
Kina Grannis is performing in Toronto tomorrow, I really hope I can stay to catch it or even bump into her, or only if I'm dreaming... Cause if not, I don't want to wake with the world in front of me.

More group work tomorrow before they're both due tomorrow. Ahhh pressure!!

Oh and the Maple Leafs are officially out of the playoffs...Thanks for a great 2months of watching hockey, the excitement, disappointment but the belief. I've missed hockey, next year we're making the playoffs for sure!

Sign out post number ninety six,
Kevin Yeung

April 4, 2011

Just around the corner

Group work, group meetings... sigh, at least I have decent groups this time around, well they're coming around. After Thursday, things should ease up with service marketing all but done, and BUS800 just the take home exam, and the presentation, and MKT802 with the final meeting with JVS Wellesley to look over our marketing plan...

I really can't believe I am finally graduating, I'm trying not to slack, just get this week done with!!! 

Yeah, so my VAIO was like acting screwy, with Google Chrome not working amongst other things, figured must be a virus or spyware, so I reformatted it today for the first time in almost three years...I think this is the longest I've had a PC for without any problems... Didn't really back up anything, so I really hope I'm not missing anything since most of my media stuff is on my iMac. Yeahh, went to pmall for lunch and to look around for a camera bag... feels heavy.

Some more random shots I took in my sister's room hah

Sign out post number ninety five,
Kevin Yeung

April 3, 2011

Finally in my hands

HEHEHEHE So I went to pick up the camera today from Future Shop before going to my meeting, they were sooo slowwww... and they kept trying to pitch me to get their protection plan for freaking $300 more. Yeah right. 

Playing around with it all night (sort of) hehe here's some shots I took round the house. It's only scaled to X-large for best viewing I think.. still learning!!!

Sign out post number ninety four,
Kevin Yeung

[Downtown Toronto from Distillery District]

[Venice 3D puzzle]

[San Francisco 3D puzzlet]

[Orchid with the camera shadow lol]

[My shark bag, waiting to get a grey one in HK again]