April 4, 2011

Just around the corner

Group work, group meetings... sigh, at least I have decent groups this time around, well they're coming around. After Thursday, things should ease up with service marketing all but done, and BUS800 just the take home exam, and the presentation, and MKT802 with the final meeting with JVS Wellesley to look over our marketing plan...

I really can't believe I am finally graduating, I'm trying not to slack, just get this week done with!!! 

Yeah, so my VAIO was like acting screwy, with Google Chrome not working amongst other things, figured must be a virus or spyware, so I reformatted it today for the first time in almost three years...I think this is the longest I've had a PC for without any problems... Didn't really back up anything, so I really hope I'm not missing anything since most of my media stuff is on my iMac. Yeahh, went to pmall for lunch and to look around for a camera bag... feels heavy.

Some more random shots I took in my sister's room hah

Sign out post number ninety five,
Kevin Yeung

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