April 14, 2011


I'm going to write something that has got me thinking recently: Would you agree that some of the most important things that need to be heard, are never said?

There are four parts to this: Knowing but holding back, Knowing and saying, In the dark and wondering, In the dark and finding out.

It's different with each situation in life, with each different person, but it all revolves around this. 
There are times when I had a crush on someone, I was so sure about it, but every time, I held back from telling...sure, I didn't want to complicate things or even take that leap of faith, but it fades.
However, when I do say something, I've had fallen on my ass before, and even had the good stuff along with it. This comes with full honesty, with no lies, just let it all out.

Alternatively, when Im wondering what the other person is thinking about, I sometimes would become frustrated, trying to pull it out of them, and just trying to over think the situation which leads to frustration.
But when I do find out, it tends to leave me more frustrated if its bad news, or at ease when its better.

But really? Is there any one right way to deal with wondering about someone else? Should you just spill all the beans, maybe some, or none at all.

Sign out post number 105,
Kevin Yeung

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