January 3, 2011

Salad King, RIP?

(Photo Cred: Citynews.ca)
So it might be official now, after this huge blaze, that I will not be able to eat at Salad King as a student anymore. It sucks, cause for its downtown location, its price and quality of food was excellent. It has been closed since last April after its wall collapse, and has been blocked off since.

So I think I finally got my family out of Rogers hideous internet with its absurd bandwidth cap. I officially applied for a new ISP with
Acanac with its unlimited internet at the same speed as our Rogers, while being cheaper too. So Im going to try that for a year, and see how it goes. If you're interested, please tell them you were referred by Kevin Yeung. 
Salad King, you will be missed in the downtown core. I for one will miss it.  **edit: It appears that there is a new Salad King to be opened on Yonge St. It is to be located above Foot Locker. Interesting.

(Photo Cred: Citynews.ca)
Sign out post number three,
Kevin Yeung

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