January 4, 2011

Phos and Footy

(Photo Cred: www.manutd.com)

Another comfortable win for Manchester United and sole position at the top of the league table. That boy Hernandez is really special so far, it's almost similar to Munez in the Goal movies. Great instinctive finish with the back heel on the first goal and a nice powerful strike by Nani for the match winner.

Had phos for lunch with the mother and headed to J-Town only to find out they're still closed for the holidays until Friday :( so I could not get my Hi-Chew candies. So I decided to drop my international sport marketing course and kept my managing innovations course with an unknown prof, but I guess she can't be as terrible as F Pardo. The job search is underway at the moment, it's kind of overwhelming, but I need some income. Will also need to further research about the TEOS certification courses, and that I might be able to be a tutor here for prior experience...I'll see.

Sign out post number four,
Kevin Yeung

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