January 6, 2011

Dealing with robbers, I mean Rogers Inc.

Having to deal with cancelling the "high-speed" internet from Rogers tonight, which caused me to miss Big Bang Theory. The time spent on hold and confirming information was outrageous. Now I will be stuck with no internet until I get the new internet sorted out. Will probably approach Tekksavvy for their internet with 200gb cap unlike Rogers tiny 60gb that my sister abuses more than myself.

Thinking if I should sign up for the RAC this semester, its the most affordable choice, although I only have 2 and half days of classes, and its somewhat far from home. OK time to wait until 11pm for the re-run of Big Bang Theory since I can't stream it.

On a side note, last night was a nightmare for Canadian Hockey. Total disbelief, I had checked the score seeing it was 3-0, I assumed we would win comfortably. However, after watching the highlights I was just shocked and awed by the Russian comeback.

(Here's my latest puzzle completed)

Sign out post number six,
Kevin Yeung

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