January 5, 2011

Cartoon card from afar

So I got a letter today in the mail from my little cousin which was all decorated with stickers in this Tweety bird postcard style card. Bad spelling and grammar but here's what I think was written:

Dear Kevin,
What date are you graduate? I need to buy airfare ticket now. Is it ok if I come on June 9? Can you buy me some candies when I see you, Thank you!
Love Heather Yeung, 2010

Damn you Ryerson! They still have yet to post their convocation schedule up, just June 8th-15th. Let's hope the business program isn't on the 8th or 9th of June. Also cleared up my academics with the curriculum advisor today after one of my substitute courses were not included in my graduation application.

Here she is this summer playing with Photo Booth.

Sign out post number five,
Kevin Yeung

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