December 13, 2011

TIme to catch up on things.

It's been awhile since we've had a conversation, so I thought it'd be nice to catch up on things. 
Lots has changed for me this year, 
Everything from pure happiness to profound heartbreak,
Has found its way to my 2011.
And honestly I wouldn't change anything if I could.

One of the biggest changes that this year has brought was a certain experience that taught me many valuable lessons.
I learned that even when your heart is broken and you feel like you can never be happy again, you have a choice.
Sometimes life will disappoint us, 
But we can choose how we react. 
We have the capacity to evolve, 
To develop perseverance and strength, 
Because of the pain.

Heres to 2011! Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!

p.s I am thinking of finally starting my travel blog/vlog about my travels and one about my experiences in Toronto- the restaurants and events.

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