October 7, 2011

I`m a HTL-er and I kinda like it

Yes, I know I have failed this miserably but I have good reason, mainly that I have been so busy with college. Who would have thought that college would have so much to do. 

Already finished five weeks of classes, seemed to go by like it was just yesterday that summer was ending... And with assignment after the other, and tests piling up, and group projects once again piling up... this sure ain't a stroll in the park.

Even after just five weeks, I may have uncovered what I might want to do in the future if I were to have a hospitality/tourism focused career (which I will explain later), learned so much about dining, wines, alcoholic drinks- all of which reminds me of my one time goal of becoming a restaurateur. I've involved myself with school and I'm enjoying it, learning new things, having free food/wine samples and meeting new people too. But the food and dining required in some assignments, I have really come to like the classes (except for having to pay for our own meals of course).

So what I think would be an excellent job in the future, although it may be just now, but for my own reference sake, what if I were to be an online travel adviser/tour guide/reviewer working with destination marketers to help tourists experience their vacations as locals and to be able to blog or vlog my journeys around the world. That would be the ultimate- to travel the world as a job. I wake up everyday in a new city. One can dream.

Yep, just a quick update on this blog, no fancy pictures or anything, just me, reflecting on the past 5 weeks of classes so far at the hospitality, tourism, leisure program at George Brown College.

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