August 2, 2011

The power of FaceTime

So I got a nice Facetime call from Mathew yesterday after they got back to Alameda from Reno and he had his first experience in preparing for kindergarten...He says he's excited to start school, so that's always something good to hear. And also reminded me that I should write something here again. So I guess this entry will be our trip to the Ontario Science Centre.

We went after having lunch at a congee/noodle restaraunt so we wouldn't need to pay for lunch there again, but like always, had to still buy some pizza from the cafeteria. We started our journey at the Ontario Science Centre at a new show/exhibit of forensic investigation, which included a show (CSI style). And the kids got scared, from the magic show and the pyrotechnics and loud sounds...The whole show included Mathew whining he wanted to leave, but he needs to be braver so we watch the entire show.

Then to the kids zone where they got to explore and play around the different stalls, especially the supermarket for kids. And lastly, their favourite thing to do was the balls that move around a specially designed track. "We could be there all day just watching them play with the balls."

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