May 22, 2011

Seoul 3.

On day 3, we moved from the Dart resort and drove back to Seoul. But we made a pit stop at this gorgeous herb city where there were vast flowers and beautiful scenery for all. I made a candle with colourful wax and all at their DIY place, and we had a very weird lunch, which I didn't really eat... It was literally flowers and grass plucked from the ground... so I just ate my bowl of rice and kimchi...

From there we drove for another hour to the closest South/North Korean border... it was surreal to visit a place where there was once war and is now a DMZ- demilitarized zone. To see the other side of Korea, it just felt good to be on the South side of it. There were barbed-wire throughout the whole perimeter and armed soldiers on patrol. The memorial picture depicts where South Koreans pray and pay their respects to their loved ones who died in North Korea during the war and was not brought back to South Korea for proper burial.

For dinner that night, we had a hot pot style dinner with pork and chicken with some veggies and tofu... and some more sitting on the floor. My legs were sore after...

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