May 23, 2011

Seoul 4.

Day four consisted a lot of things... particularly shopping. It did however include a stop at one of the old emperor's palace/temple where we took a couple of pictures. It had a similar design as those from China, but then again Korea has been influenced by China, Japan, and America.

Next was a stop at the popular spot of Myeong-dong...there were literally at least 100 make up stores in that one area. I did also find the Forever 21 in Seoul, which was pretty big like 3 floors and a larger male section. Too bad I couldn't find anything I liked...

At night, I tried going to see the fountain bridge at night, too bad the guide didn't provide much information and I couldn't see anything..I managed to take a couple of night shots though, but wasn't too happy I couldn't see the bridge. Dinner was nice, had authentic Korean barbecue...simply delicious.

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