May 21, 2011

Seoul 2:

On day two, we started off with some ramen at this shop. Let me tell you, it was delicious!!! The noodles here wasn't like the Japanese type but it was Korean which was much more thinner... It started with its appetizer dishes... The rice balls were really good too and I usually don't like to eat them, but these ones were special, it had bits of see-weed and other random things.

We then went to the "green house" similar to the United State's "White House". It's where the Korean president lives and works from... got to take a couple of pictures here, and when we were leaving, there was a barricade of escorts, I wonder who it was for...

For lunch, it was pork and chicken on our own barbecue. The Pepsi bottle looked pretty flashy too.

After lunch we went to Everland theme park... it was a Sunday so there were unusually a large amount of families there... we lined up for nearly an hour for the water ride with the whole tour group. The park itself was beautiful and as we were going down the chair lift, a parade was going on.

Again, I love animals and aquatic life, if I wasn't any interested or good with science, I would have considered being a zoologist or something to do with animals. I was surprised at the quality of the park's animal exhibits.. the lions and tigers were awake for once... It must be one of the rare times I have seen them awake cause they're usually just sleeping...The sea-lion show was really entertaining as well (although it was narrated in Korean) they did tricks like jumping of dive boards, dribbling and scoring a basketball into the net with its nose, and standing upright. I was impressed.

We spent the night and next morning and Dart resort... it wasn't the greatest, but the nature was beautiful. Why is Korea such a beautiful country? I really could see myself living there one day in the near future...

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