April 23, 2012

First Year of College is Done!

Yes, so first year of college is finally over!! I am glad, now I can focus on finding a job or go on vacation. Still awaiting the cousin and his news of employment. It sucks holding out right now, it's not like the prices of airfare gets cheaper or anything... The current plan is YVR - ICN - SFO and maybe a modification of YVR - SFO - ICN - NRT - LAX something along those lines. Would be around 2000$ for airfare at this point, but I'm budgeting around five grand. Considering we'll have a place to stay in YVR and SFO, just need to get a place in ICN for a week or two. If the news is no go, I don't know if I should still journey there myself, but Cali is very likely in mid June once the little cousins are done school!

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