February 3, 2012

The Power of the Pause

So another class at George Brown College turns out to be golden. Speaking with confidence, who would have thought this would turn out to be so useful and most importantly fun. It doesn't hurt that our instructor has an amazing talent and ability to share his skills and knowledge with our class. At first, I was hesitant in taking this class as I previously had completed a communications course, but wow, what a completely different style of class. So for our most recent assignment was to tell a story to the class with the storytelling techniques we learned: one of it being the power of the pause, which I took full advantage of. Enjoy. It's based on my true story but altered a bit to have a more deep meaning to the end. I also wanted to highlight the good before the bad (another technique learned) and this was the incident that led me to retire from biking, but I have gone biking once more after this incident.

There I was, about to see the girl of my dreams. The one who’d still give me butterflies even after three years together. You know… the one who you could see as the mother of your children. I knew she was the one in my heart and it didn’t matter that we were just 18 at the time. I knew deep inside, she was the one.

Even without a car, we would still find ways to spend time together each time and this day was no exception. It was a bright day, a sunny day, a warm day, just one of those perfect days to ride our bikes. We had just spent our day under the clouds together, thinking of what lied ahead of us. We were laughing, relaxing, and enjoying one another’s company just like all the many times prior we had shared together. But like with all good things, and by the end of it all; it was time to go our separate ways home.

I hopped on my bike to race home for dinner. Speeding and swerving my way through intersections, around corners, and down a steep hill. Still going uncontrollably fast, an old couple suddenly appeared!!! I was shocked and thought to myself. Why are these old people walking so slowly and in the middle of the sidewalk!!?? With little time to react, my instincts led me to squeeze my brakes with all my might. *Screech* 

Instead of coming to a stop, I felt the air under my ass, and before I knew it, I was flying high above the ground. I close my eyes hoping I could avoid the old couple with my life flashing in front me. *Crashing noise* *Long Pause*

Darkness. It was all I could see. Just pitch black, darkness. My eyes slowing glazed opened and I saw a glimpse of the old couple, as they walked away, leaving me there, lying on the ground with blood around me. I struggled to my feet, but it was only after a couple of steps and glimpses around me to see the traffic light pole I had just flown into, until I crashed back down to earth. My eyes, they closed once again as I lay down on the side of the road. *Long pause*

My eyes open, I shake my head around, lost, confused, and asked myself where I am. I sat up, looked around, and here I was, just sitting up on my bed. Did it really happen I questioned myself or was it just a dream?

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