March 16, 2011


I don't really know what to write about tonight. Tomorrow is my parents' wedding anniversary and my sister and I are taking them out for dinner. I have class and group meetings tomorrow, so I hope I will finish up early and make it for dinner. 

I'm still contemplating on what I should do once I'm done with my marketing degree. I'm going to HK for a month in May, and its kinda hard looking for a job when the start date is April or May so I hope I find one that starts July or August, or even September. I'm still interested in doing the teaching English overseas thing if nothing materializes, but I'm confused with the whole hiring process and I don't want to pay some recruiting agency a ton of money just to get a job. Perhaps I should research a bit more in April once I'm done with my courses and before I depart for HK. 

Sign out post number seventy six,
Kevin Yeung

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