March 15, 2011

Suspected of doing a nice deed

So....I drove to the subway station, where you now supposedly have to pay to park there, ok, so I did. When I got back from school, I asked this old looking white guy if he wanted my parking slip ticket.... First thing he says "I don't have any cash." Geeez, I was just going to offer it to him for free, but the first thing that came out of his old mouth and head was probably on the lines of "man, Asian people are soooo cheap, this guy probably trying to scam me." Yeah, he checks the stub out for a moment, unsure that it was real...I took it out of my dash in the car and handed to him, but he still had to triple-double check it if it was legit... I did a nice thing for you, saved you seven bucks, and not even a thank you, just a wtf look.

Tiring day, but awesomeness with the result today...Quarterfinals here we come! Also saw Battle LA tonight, it was very intense...somewhat confusing, I still don't know what those things are, robots? aliens? weird.

This was respectful of UEFA, to show a minute of silence before the kick-off of today's game between Manchester United and Marseille.

Sign out post number seventy five,
Kevin Yeung

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