March 7, 2011

Night 3

Actually having an online group meeting right now on MSN... It's so different from when I used to use it like everyday, it's very strange. I'm passively participating while blasting some tunes from youtube.

Had lunch today with the grandparents, to sushi house...markham style, not the Bay one. Brought them to TnT to grocery shop too, while getting some dried mangoes (been craving it) and hagen daz ice cream cause it was on sale... Well, didn't really cook up anything tonight, just bought a roasted duck with rice take out from some chinese butcher house haha it was too salty for my liking though.

Early morning  tomorrow. Meeting with employment firm for marketing plan, then hope to make it for lunch with the homie before dinner at the grandparents home.

Sign out post number sixty six,
Kevin Yeung

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