April 20, 2011

As I look back and look to the future...

I didn't sleep until 5 last night to finish my "exam" but in the end, I got it done, kinda just wing-ed it near the end, I hope I don't do too bad in it...I didn't really learn much from that course, just the same research and making up similar strategies...oh wells.

YES!!! I am officially done, now just to wait for my grades and convocation letter to arrive in the mail...I'm actually excited to go to it! well not the whole sitting and waiting part, especially when the marketing program is at 9am...meaning we'll have to go down round 7 in the morning :(

It felt strange walking through the under ground path from the subway stop to the business building...and then walking up the escalators and through the halls, and into the computer lab.... it's been almost 5 years, we were lucky to be the first year to have the new business building opened for and it's been a wild, crazy, fun, stressful period of my life. I've learned so much about me during this time, the people who I've surrounded with at school, the ones who haven't made it through with me from high school til now, but I realize people change, I change, and that's okay..

As I look back...
I still remember first year, checking out the girls, and meeting some cool ones, struggling in accounting was just the beginning of my troubles...I remember being in probation in my second semester, it was hard... I just wasn't ready for all these examinations and classes I had to attend, it wasn't easy for me being away from the family for such a long time...I didn't really hang out with the school mates as I would hang with the old school buddies and the ex during that year, and yeah, I made the mistake of not going to frosh :( I don't really remember why, but I was there for the orientation, I just must have been out of the loop.

Second year and part of third year, I was taking it easy, 3 and 4 courses each semester...I was starting to work a lot more for DOT, and got my Kawasaki Ninja during the summer and visited home too during that summer... I remember being in Las Vegas, stuck in the Paris hotel room, to do my online accounting midterm, which I ended up failing as well....

Then in fourth year, I made the switch from entrepreneurship major to marketing major primarily because there was a couple of courses in that program I couldn't stand and the profs weren't any good either... I quit working cause it was taking my time away, and my grades improved from it too...luckily I had taken a lot of marketing courses as my professionally related so it wasn't too bad, and I made up for it during the summer by taking 3 courses and having a short getaway to visit home again near the end. Marketing...I figured it would be easy, and yep, it really was, and that it was the quickest way of me graduating, luckily it turned out the way I hoped it would....

This last year, it was all worth it to take those summer courses as I only had 4 and 3 courses in my final 2 semester...I don't think I'll forget working on management of innovations course with the awesome group of friends where we just got to go wild and be creative while doing our presentation by dressing up, props, and singing with our own lyrics to match the course's concept... That was really, really enjoyable and I thank the prof for getting us to it...This final semester has been quite hectic, it was just a lot of group work, meetings, and group projects... worked with some people I wouldn't usually work with, but it all turned out great and I have no complaints with any of my groups I have worked with during my time in university.

Thank you Ryerson University, Thank you everyone I have met and had the privilege to work with during my time here..Just Thank You.

I know there's more but thats all I can muster out at 3am...heck, I'm even going to send that email to the prof to tell him how awesome that course really was (and how that final presentation drama should account for a higher grade because it was a lot of work and commitment to complete)
And yeah, I just had to reward myself by getting the t3i and visiting Asia again, my grandma was nice enough to give me cash as my graduation present, which I've used to get the ipad2 and saved the rest, my parents for finally stop nagging whenever I converse with them about school, and for my sister for always having my back even if she might not seem like it. 

Into the future.....
Where do I see myself in September... I really do not know, I haven't really been looking for jobs since March when the school work began piling up... I don't know if my passion still lies in the marketing field. I'm going to check out HK and SK next week and see if I can see myself working there, if I can handle the culture, language barrier, and environment to work there... But I still don't see myself staying in Toronto to work...I like moving around, and Asia appeals to me for employment but I won't rule of the Bay area either cause that's my other life.

I still want to attempt to get my pilot license, I really want to work in the aviation industry and be able to travel endlessly...Maybe that will be my next ultimate goal, cause during my introductory flight, even though I only got to control the plane by myself for like 15-20minutes of the time, it was freaking awesome...I love the freedom, the sight below, seeing the sun in front of you in the horizon, it's so beautiful... But I'm not going to be thinking too much of the future just yet...I'm going to hopefully enjoy my trip and spend some time with my cousin, maybe get to know him better personally cause we're kinda different now than we were when we just best buddies as kids... because no matter what happens in life, family is what's worth holding onto when the world seems to not care.

Sign out post number 111,
Kevin Yeung

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