January 31, 2011


It's been a month already and I have kept my commitment to this blog so far, lets hope for it to continue for the months ahead :)

This situation is very very tempting. I have researched about the airline industry and even though I am still wanting to obtain a pilot license at some point in my life to fulfill my dream of being able to fly anywhere and see the world through my eyes. But today, "Flight Attendant" comes up as a possible career choice. Yes, there may be a stigma of it being a woman's job, but the job description most airlines are looking for today do not specify females only. Coincidentally, I have a couple of friends who are flight attendants for Air Canada here in Toronto, and from what I've seen and heard from them is that its really really awesome and life changing. Not only are the perks being amazing (discounted travel), but you get to work with wonderful people and meet new people every time on the job. It is not a 9-5 boring job, but one that offers different challenges and opportunities every day. With that, I will be applying for a position once I have my resume and cover letter all edited and proofread.

Sign out post number thirty one,
Kevin Yeung

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